Stephanie Clark

I first met Ann at her agency (Brebner Agency) in the city, on Polk Street when I first moved her, age 22 from Aspen, CO. I wanted to do some modeling/acting and she was the only game in town (for the most part.) This was 1973. She looked much like she looked in later years, except a little younger. Hair swept back in a french twist, elegant, poised and no- nonsense! She looked at me, wasn't especially encouraging but agreed we should "give it a try" and to go get head shots. I did a couple jobs but then went on to study dance instead (my real love.) I didn't see her again until 1985 at her house during a board meeting or some event for which I'd volunteered. I was never sure if she liked me but I knew being in her presence was special. She was a force throughout her whole life.